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About Grannies Playcare


Grannies Playcare, Inc. mission is to provide the best quality care in Early Childhood Education programs and to provide loving Child Care where learning is engaged by children exploring, learning, experimenting, and building friendships.


Grannies Playcare, Inc. was founded by Michael “Mike” McKendree and his wife, Geraldine in 1992.

At one time Grannies was the home of Ms. Janie and Seab Mills. Ms. Janie was a loving Christian woman who enjoyed children. Mike was actively involved with his family, youth, politics and his church, First Baptist of Kingsland, in Camden County his entire life. Mike renovated Aunt Janie Mills’ home, added two rooms, and renovated another adjacent building. Mike’s wife, Geraldine and two daughters, Tonya and Tammy, have assumed management and ownership of the business.

Grannies Playcare, Inc. began in 1992 with a three and four year old program with 15 children, and the Center now houses a capacity of 103 children at various times.

The Center has three (3) “Bright From the Start” Pre-kindergarten Classes, one (1) Three Year Old Class, an Afterschool Program 3 to 12 years of age, and a SPRING and SUMMER “camp” program for children ages 3 to 12 years of age.

Ms. Melissa Chaloult is the director and Ms. Karen Wright is the assistant director. The Center has three (3) “Bright from the Start Pre-Kindergarten Classes that have certified teachers and certified paraprofessionals. Grannie operates under the Georgia state rules and regulations of “Bright From the Start” Georgia Pre-Kindergarten Program.

Creative Curriculum is the curriculum offered by Grannies’. Lesson plans are posted weekly in each classroom on a bulletin board. Lesson Plans include art, group time, sensory, science, Math, music and movement, games, literacy and writing.

Grannies is proud of its After School Program and Spring and Summer School Camp Program. The spring and summer school teachers plan a camp with lesson plans, and students have plenty opportunities to read, paint, dance, cheer, play bad mitten, and horse shoes, put together puzzles, enjoy fourth of July activities, cook, make crafts, and go on field trips.

Groups are also taken on various walking tours for exploration activities, and field trips to the different parks in the county. These include, Kingsland City Park, Howard Peeples Park. Crooked River State Park.

Speakers from the Library from the Camden County visits and reads books to the students, and students are given an opportunity to visit the Camden Library.

Student Future Educators of America volunteers come in and read to students and play sports and activity games with the students.

There are many favorite zones at Grannies. One of the places includes the huge playground area in the back with two swings, a slide, a merry-go round, basketball and goal, and extra place for kick ball field, a car, tricycles, and merry-go-around.

Another favorite spot is dramatic play, manipulative art, sand and water, and reading and puppet centers.

In the Summer and Spring, picnics and wading pools in the playground area are part of the fun. Students are always coming back and telling us that Grannies playground is “totally awesome”.


The center is open from 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday offering full-time, part-time, and drop-ins for children ages 3 years old to 12 years of age. An excellent SPRING AND SUMMER PROGRAM for children ages 3 to 12 years old is also available.


At Grannies Playcare Inc. the focus is the quality care of the child. We pledge to hire the best qualified teachers and paraprofessionals.

All of our teachers and paraprofessionals are certified.

We are 110% committed to ensuring the safety and security of every child and team member of Grannies Playcare, Inc. We recognize the importance of providing peace of mind for the parents and children in our care. We are conscious of the need to provide a safe and secure environment and have policies and procedures and audits to monitor and ensure compliance. The City of Kingsland Police Department and the Camden County Sheriff’s Department patrols and works with Grannies. The Kingsland Fire Department also inspects the center and teaches a fire safety program to our children and staff. Additionally, the staff is CPR and first aid certified.


-Georgia Bright from the Start Pre-K Program

-Excellent teacher to child ratio in all rooms

-Planned Lesson Plans

-Three Year old program

-Smaller group size

-Separate age groups

-Experienced and qualified teachers

-Nutritious cooked meals

-Beautiful outdoor playground

-Learning, Fun, and Laughter

When choosing a child care center for your child, it is smart to find a center that offers Georgia Pre-Kindergarten. The program is free to four year olds.

Grannies Playcare, Inc. offers Georgia Bright from the Start Pre-Kindergarten Program!

Early education is expensive, and we believe that it is one quality service we can provide our parents and community. We also enroll three year olds who will move up to our Georgia Pre-Kindergarten program.

If your child needs FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE for daycare you should apply on line at https://compass.ga.gov and bring your child to center and let us know you have applied.


Through an open door policy we encourage family to contribute to children’s learning and value their input. We strive to build responsive and reciprocal relationships through collaboration, and a common goal – happy, confident, capable children who actively explore and make sense of the world around them.


Grannies Playcare, Inc. is hailed as having the best Culinary program in the county. Ms. Tonya McKendree has lots of years in food nutrition and transportation experience. She drives the van and picks up students at Kingsland Elementary School. Mamie Lou Gross drops off at the Center.

The Center is also known for its large playground area with swings, equipment, and picnic tables.

The Center provides computer and internet access for each of the teachers. TV and computers are tools that are used in moderation for learning purposes.


Students from Mamie Lou Gross Elementary can be dropped off at Grannies. The Center picks up after school students in the van at Kingsland Elementary School.