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The Creative Curriculum

3 Year Olds

We believe that three year olds are cable of exploring and learning. Our approach reflects the interest and individual goals for each child. We are 100% committed to the total developmental needs of the three year old child



The Center has three (3) “Bright from the Start Pre-Kindergarten Classes that have certified teachers and certified paraprofessionals. Grannie operates under the Georgia state rules and regulations of “Bright From the Start” Georgia Pre-Kindergarten Program.


Afterschool Program

Grannies is pleased to offer the best after-school care program in the County. This program is provided as an extension of the school day for ALL elementary schools and for ALL PRE-K students at Grannies Playcare.


Spring and Summer Camps

The spring and summer school teachers plan a camp with lesson plans, and students have plenty opportunities to read, paint, dance, cheer, play bad mitten, and horse shoes, put together puzzles, enjoy fourth of July activities, cook, make crafts, and go on field trips.


GRANNIES CURRICULUM – Creative Curriculum

Grannies dedicates itself to creating a learning structure that serves as a way to meet children’s needs, offering an enriched creative curriculum that identifies and addresses symptoms before they become behavioral or learning issues.

The Center’s goal is to continue to expand upon the curriculum in order to maximize the child’s involvement, participation, and education.

The goals are that through an increase in the student’s participation as an active learner, and having more opportunities to interact socially with peers, the enhancement of development will occur continuously.

According to current research, young children learn BEST by DOING. The Creative Curriculum is a plan for learning that focuses on using the environment as a tool for active involvement, providing opportunities for children to learn and explore.

Primarily the curriculum provides children with resources to practice newly developing insights and skills.

The application of the curriculum includes the active role of the teacher, the involvement of the family, and a respect for diversity, literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and the importance of technology.

The curriculum focuses on each of these areas is ways that support and enhance children’s academic success while maintaining a respect for the individual and unique ways in which children learn and grow.

This curriculum is an easy form of intervention that requires the teacher’s active involvement in observation, planning and implementing changes that encourage more participation.

Accomplishing this process involves utilizing materials to allow the child to participate more independently in activities. Each step forward offers the success that provides the motivation and confidence necessary for growth.

Creative Curriculum Outline

• The goal is to help children acquire social competence and skills needed to succeed in school life.

• There are 50 goals and objectives that enhance the development of social-emotional skills, physical growth, cognitive development, language and literacy.

• Classrooms set up include interest areas such as blocks, dramatic play, games, art, library, discovery, sand and water, music, movement, cooking, computers, and outdoor play.

• There is a respect and celebration for individual differences, which include; gender, behavioral styles, special interests, learning styles, life experiences, culture, and special needs.

• The focus is on fostering positive respectful interactions with peers, creating a partnership with families, and working together to support optimal development and learning.

• The curriculum consists of regular observation, guidance and assessment of the children.

• Assessment includes: observations, individual child profiles, child progress, planning reports and class summaries